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NATURAL Iltschi Custom Import
Iltschi Import 006 - Maara-G by soulswitch
Iltschi Import 12 - CLOSED by soulswitch
Iltschi Import 008 - CLOSED by soulswitch
One (1) custom NATURAL coloured Iltschi-Registry. Please include the following in your order:
Gender: Mare, stallion, or gelding?
Colour: Can be any natural occurring pattern in real horses
Genotype: If you would prefer me generate a set of genes for you, please let me know. PLEASE CLARIFY IF YOU WANT ANYTHING HOMOZYGOUS!! (Like homozygous tobiano, splash etc)
SEMI-RARE Iltschi Custom Import
Iltschi Import 003 - SOLD by soulswitch
Iltschi Import 007 - SOLD. by soulswitch
One (1) custom SEMI-RARE Iltschi-Registry import. Please include the following in your order:
Gender: Mare, stallion, or gelding?
Colour: Can be any natural occurring pattern in real horses 
MUTATION: Currently available: Bleeding heart, blue, lilac, tan points, sable and mulberry. Up to TWO may be included in this purchase, and for every extra mutation, add +100 points
Genotype: If you would prefer me generate a set of genes for you, please let me know. PLEASE CLARIFY IF YOU WANT ANYTHING HOMOZYGOUS!! (Like homozygous tobiano, splash etc)
Custom Akhal-Wari Import
Akhal-Wari Import 49 by soulswitch
Akhal-Wari Import 61 by soulswitch
Akhal-Wari Import 55 by soulswitch
Currently, I'm not accepting imports requesting the sheen mutation, the shadow mutation or the moon mutation. 

When ordering, please include the colour of your import! The Akhal-Wari comes in every colour, from creams to champagnes, from tobianos to overos. However, do not order genebombs n_n" (For example, do not order a silver classic cream champagne tobiano overo with brindle and birdcatchers. Just don't do that. :stare:)

Make sure you check the breed info out and join the group if you haven't already :>


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To-Do List

PB Red - Starting by Oceannist - Full body with background for orengel, of Nazar, for the Amethyst Ghoul import stallion
PB Red - Starting by Oceannist - Full body with background for orengel, of Nazar, for the Porcelain Divo import
PB Red - Starting by Oceannist - Full body with background for orengel, of Arlow, for the Amethyst Skyfall import
PB Red - Sketching by Oceannist - Full body with background for orengel, of Seorm, for one of the above imports


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JENN (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Paypal [Accept] by RevPixy Points [Accept] by RevPixy
Please be aware that PayPal is the preferred method of payment,
as it is much faster than waiting for points to be cleared by dA.

- I will require half of the payment up front. I will not accept full payment up front or full payment after the commission has been completed, to reduce the risk of the purchaser being unable to pay after their commission has been completed. (This does not include custom designs, like foal designs or custom imports of the several breeds I am a designer for! You will pay that AFTER the design has been run by you for approval, and any changes you wish to be made to the design will be done. You will not have to pay for the design until you are absolutely happy with it!!)
- You have my full permission to use the commission however you like. For kaaring? Okay, cool! A reference? Go ahead! This does not mean you may edit the commission in any way, shape or form. Do not paint on it, do not crop it down, cut sections out, or anything of the sorts. I will punch you in the neck.
- Keep your commission for use on dA! I do not want to see it on other sites. However, if you have a personal character website with a gallery for each individual character, you may use it there, but please link back to the original picture here in my gallery :>

Things I will NOT do:
- Anything NSFW. No tits or dicks smh.
- Gore, body horror or anything else weird the internet has come up with. 
- Very rarely will I accept anything that I think I cannot handle, for example very complicated designs.
- Pretty much anything that isn't a horse. It's my comfort zone and I don't want to leave it.

Nordanner Foal #6634 by soulswitch Nordanner Foal #9056 by soulswitch Nordanner Foal #9145 by soulswitch
Prices will vary depending on the genotype of the foal. However, prices will never exceed $5 / 500 :points:!

       - Your foal will be designed on the above template, and both sides will be individually designed unless you request markings to be symmetrical.
       - If you want both of your genotypes to be designed, you will have to pay for both of them to be designed.

Akhal-Wari Import 48 by soulswitch Akhal-Wari Import 53 by soulswitch Akhal-Wari Import 59 by soulswitch
$2 / 200 :points: for a NATURAL import. Add another $2 / 200 :points: to request a mutation.
       - Akhal Wari's come in every colour and pattern under the sun. From creams to champagnes and pearls, tobianos to overos to brindles.
       - Do not order an Akhal Wari with an extremely long genotype. And by extremely long genotype, I mean something like this: (example taken from my Nordanner mare, Desiderius)
                   EE aa prlprl nCh ZZ nf nP nSty nW nT nSb nO nSpl nLp (patn2)
                   Dominant white (sooty silver pangare classic champagne pearl tovero sabino splash appaloosa (flaxen carrier))
       - Seriously, just don't do that. 

Pretty Amazing by soulswitch Bourgeoisie concept by soulswitch Feel that Fire by soulswitch
Coloured headshot / half body:
$5 / 500 :points:
Coloured full body: $10 / 1,000 :points:

Coloured (full lineart, no background):
Gold Dust by soulswitch Kingsfield by soulswitch Kin by soulswitch
Headshot / half body: $15 / 1,500 :points:
Full body: $20 / 2,000 :points:

Coloured (full lineart, full background): OPEN FOR A LIMITED TIME
Avast, ye! by soulswitch
Prices may vary from $25 / 2,500 :points and upwards, depending on complexity of the character and the background described

When ordering, please specify in a note the subject, any pose you want the subject in, and a background. Feel free to provide links if you have something very specific in mind and I'll see what I can do :>


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